This regulation is an integral part of the booking form, for all that is not explicitly mentioned, reference is made to the regulations in force, to the good taste and good sense of each in everyone’s interest.



The management and the Staff of Tenuta Bosco 

Thanks you for your interest and in welcoming you we want to let you know the house rules.

The structure is the residence of many guests who have decided to stay there; we therefore ask you to respect it and treat it as if it were your own home or relatives and friends.

For the purpose of good cohabitation we ask you to observe not only the rules dictated by the law but also those simply dictated by common sense and mutual respect.

Your collaboration will be essential for a pleasant stay, for the staff and for the environment in which it is inserted.

Failure to comply with one or more points of this regulation and the rules contained in it may lead to the termination of the contract with the related economic and legal consequences arising.

Remembering the tour staff is at your complete disposal for every need, in order to make your stay as pleasant as possible, the regulation is explained below.




a. the regulation of Tenuta Bosco is established to guarantee everyone an orderly and peaceful  use. It has contractual power between  “Tenuta Bosco” and the guest and, therefore, the request to stay in the Tenuta and the acceptance of this request by the guest implies total acceptance of this regulation.

b. All guests are required to respect the internal regulations of the accommodation, which can be consulted at the reception.

c. Failure to comply with the regulation and the other provision of the management may lead to the removal from the structure of the offender and the relative reporting of the fact to all national and international tourist organizations, or any report also to the public authorities in the event that  the non-observance may lead one to suppose the commission of a crime. 

d. The indications of the signs placed in the areas of ownership of Tenuta Bosco must be respected.

e. The parents (or whoever legally exercises the power) are responsible for acts performer by minor children on the Tenuta Bosco and they are required to check them and make sure that they maintain a polite and respectful behavior towards other, they are under their direct responsibility as regards the obligation to respect silence and the equipment made available.  It is forbidden to disturb the other guests. All the rules of this contract regulation must be respected.

f. The management as required by the current laws of the Italian republic, has the right to expel without warning anyone who does not respect the regulation or behaves in such a  way as to create damage or disturbance.

g. The staff is required to enforce the regulation. Each customer together with the hospitality of Tenuta Bosco accepts to submit to the authority of the staff.  The staff is obliged to respect the laws of the Italian Republic and to respect the principles commonly accepted by our culture of courtesy and good education.  According to Tenuta Bosco’s policy, all guests enjoy the right to respectful and dignified treatment and as a responsible reception facility, we are obliged to protect guests from inappropriate behavior. If the guest’ s actions are judged inappropriate by a member of staff, or if inappropriate behavior is reported , the management reserves the right to take action against the guest ,after verifying the fact . Based on the severity of the guests’ actions , the management may request the intervention of the police and/or expel guests. The management reserves the right to modify this regulation at any time.



a. According to the article 13 of L. D.30.06.2003 n. 196, all personal data of our guests will be processed both by computer systems and manually, in order to fulfill tax obligations (draw up invoices, record data, etc)and provide the requested service.

b. At check-in an identification document will be required for the purpose of communicating the presence to  the police. Filling out the form and/or filling in the data for the newsletter will allow you to keep or database up to date and to be able to update you on promotions.



a. For information you can contact us by phone, e-mail or in person .

b. You can book by sending a written request to the e-mail address.

c. You must indicate the number and the type of room requested, name, surname, check-in date, check-out date, number of adults and children, age of children(to be able to propose customized quotes for different needs), telephone number/fax, e-mail for communications. Please also indicate the approximate time of arrival.

d. Deposit/earnest money to confirm the reservation, unless otherwise indicated, it is requested, as a booking guarantee, the payment of the entire sum. 

e. The reservation is also valid with a deposit (previously agreed), if the period and the duration of the stay is specified, and the address and the telephone number.

f. The payment method is agreed (bank transfer , credit card, other payment methods).

g. The period of  stay is considered within the limits of the dates indicated . Please specify the check-in and check-out date.

h. After receiving the payment of the amount to be paid or the data of a valid credit card, the booking confirmation will be communicated .

i. Rates are per day (per night)regardless of the time of entry.



a. In case of difficulty in reaching the Tenuta due to transportation , errors or other personal reasons , no refund is provided for early departures or delays.

b. We kindly ask our guests to understand that the booked period will be debited also in case of early departure: the full amount of the overnight stay only must be paid for the remaining nights.

c. Customers who leave early are required to pay the remaining days pursuant to the article 1385 -1386 cc

d. In case of misunderstanding at the time of booking, the management undertakes to provide, if it is possible, to different accommodation in equivalent rooms or facilities.

e. For cancellations, the entire deposit is debited and /or if the booking conditions require payment of the entire amount with certain days in advances, the entire amount is charged .

f. PENAL: in case of cancellation of the contract by the customer before the arrival the following clauses are applied:

-  In case of cancellation communicated by e-mail at least 30 days before the amount will be refunded.

- For cancellations communicated after the deposit will be retained;

g. Exception is made for special offers and non –refundable rates where no reimbursement is recognized.



a. The balance of the stay is due at the time of booking.

b. PRE-AUTHORIZATION, CHARGE ON CREDIT CARD: for the conditions of defrosting the pre-authorization please contact your bank,  Tenuta Bosco is not responsible for any delays in thawing the sum by the competent credit institution. Customers will receive a regular receipt for those who request it.

c. VERIFICATION: before the balance it is possible to request a view of the account and debits for verification. Any errors or failures must be reported before the account is issued.

d. ROOM BALANCE: at the check-in pay the bill. 

e. UNREPORTED GUESTS: people hosted but not declared at the time of the booking or at the check-in ,will be charged to the account of the person who made the booking with tariff increased by 40% on the daily price with the faculty of the management to report to the police the unauthorized people found in the Tenuta.

f. LOSS OF KEYS: the breaking of the key entails a charge of 5 Euros more for the duplicate, in case of loss of the keys the minimum cost is 30 Euros .

g. DAMAGE CHARGE: guests will have to pay compensation for damages caused by them or by people and animals that are under their responsibility. ANY  MISSING LINEN WILL BE CHARGED  TO THE ACCOUNT. 



a. ROOM DELIVERY: the rooms are delivered from 15:30 (GMT+1) to 22:00 (GMT+1), unless otherwise agreed. It is necessary to indicate the estimated arrival time at the time of booking.

b. ARRIVAL TIME: Check-in 15:30 – 20:30, any arrivals after this time must be reported at the time of booking and agreed for reception acceptance. Warn the management if you are unable to arrive at the scheduled time. If is requested in hours prior to the established times ,the previous night will be charged.


d. RECEPTION MINORS: 18 years is the minimum age to rent a room. Unaccompanied minors will be accepted only if they have a release signed by their parents(or by those who exercise parental authority), there must be a telephone number and a copy of the document.

e. LEGAL FORMALITIES TO BE FULFILLED ON ARRIVAL: the guest must provide an identity document, identity card or passport for all occupants, otherwise the operator must refuse hospitality(art.109 law P.S. edited by the article 7 point 2 of L.203/95). The manager will complete and declare a general declaration form (law  P.S. edited by the article 7 n.4 of L.203/95).

f. SIGNALING GUESTS: eventual guests, even if temporary , must be reported by presenting an identity document. 

g. PROCESSING OF PERSONAL DATA: the data is processed in compliance with the current privacy legislation.

h. NUMBER OF PEOPLE HOUSED: is not allowed to accommodation for people not previously agreed. We reserve the right to refuse entry if this condition is not met . Guests cannot receive visits from relatives , friends, etc. if not previously indicated to the management.

i.  KEY DELIVERY: the keys will be delivered starting from the time indicated as check-in (from 3:30 pm). The keys will be delivered after the registration operation.

l. ROOM DELIVERY: if the room is ready on arrival, it will be delivered immediately, otherwise it will be possible to leave your luggage at the reception  .

m. ROOM ASSIGNMENT: the choice and designation of the place, in the type and category booked, is at the total discretion of the management of  Tenuta Bosco, unless otherwise explicit written agreements.

n. PARKING: The parking space is free. The Tenuta declines all responsibility  for any damage to property or  people verified in the parking area.

o. ROOM CONTROL: you are requested to immediately report malfunctions or damage or inefficiencies. Any damages found subsequently will be charged to you.

p. EXPULSION AND REMOVAL: the management as foreseen by the law of the Italian Republic has the right to expel anyone who does not respect the rules or behaves in such a way as to create damage or disturbance.



a. REBUILD ROOMS: the return of the keys must take place by 11:30 am (GMT+1), unless otherwise agreed. When booking ,arrange the expected departure time . Extension beyond the time will be considered as an extension of the stay and therefore debited.

b. PENALTY FOR LATE DEPARTURE: after 11:30 am (time to reorganize the room), the cost of the next day will be charged.

c. EARLY DEPARTURE: In case of early departure you must still pay the entire booked stay. Warn the management if the departure is scheduled before 8:00 am.

d. ACCOUNT BALANCE: the bill must be requested and in case the departure is scheduled before the reception is opened you must pay the day before  . After the balance no further costs will be charged  . The reception carries out the following times:  from 07,30 am  to 23,00pm. We accept debit and credit cards.

e. ACCOUNT VERIFICATION: request viewing of the account before the balance. Any errors must be reported before the account is issued.

f. RETURN OF KEYS: leave the room by 11:00 am ,leave the keys at the reception that checks the room  (communicate any breakages, damages etc.).

h. COLLECTION OF DOCUMENTS AND DELIVERY OF ITEMS: remember to pick up the documents, hand over  the keys and equipment provided  (electrical adapters, bottle warmer, charger…)

i. DAMAGE CHARGE: guests will have to pay damages caused by them or by people and animals under their responsibility. THE MISSING LINEN WILL BE CHARGED . 

l. STAY AFTER THE CHECK OUT: the guests can use the services of the Tenuta within the maximum time of release of the room ,10:00 am on the day of departure. At the discretion of the management ,the total or partial use of the Tenuta’s services may be grated. 

m. LUGGAGE STORAGE: you can leave your luggage at the reception until 5.00pm.



a. UNREGISTERED GUESTS: for reason of pubblic security ,entry by unauthorized people is not permitted. The visits of relatives and friends must be authorized by the management with the release of identity documents that they will withdraw at the exit .  IT IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN TO LET PEOPLE NOT REGISTRED BY STAFF STAY OVERNIGHT.

c. STAFF ACCESS TO OCCUPIED ROOMS: in the case of maintenance or other reasons,the staf must enter an occupied room, guests will be notified in advance by the management.

d. BEHAVIOR: maintain a respectful behavior during the entire stay.

- At any time it is forbidden to cause disturbance or use equipment or games that distyrb others.

- Adults are responsible for minors.

- A behavior must be maintained that at no time of the day damages the tranquility of othrs.


- Damage to furniture, furnishing or equipment will be charged.

- Our rooms all have en-suite bathrooms.

- Inside the bedroom or in the bathroom you will find: blankets pillows, towels, personal hygiene products, etc. It is forbidden to take outside things that are in the rooms or in the bathroom or on the premises of the Tenuta.

- WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ITEMS LEFT IN THE ROOMS ,so, please do not leave valuables unattended. In the management office you will find a safe where you can leave small items or money.

- Do not throw into the toilet any substance other than that for which it was created. Do not clog the toilet with paper diapers or bulky material but use the basket. The costs of a possible purging will be charged.

g. NOTICE,RULES AND PROHIBITIONS .SILENCE,ORDER,AND BEHAVIOR WITHIN THE TENUTA. Inside of the Tenuta it is forbidden: smoking, use drugs, speak orally,shouting, slamming doors or windows, connecting any electrical appliance brought from the outside to the electrical system(with the exception of the razor to the bathroom sockets).It is forbidden to allow children to wander around alone. The indications of the signs placed in the property area of the Tenuta Bosco must be respected.

- It is forbidden to throw objects either from the balconies of the rooms or from the apartments.

- It is mandatory to respect the vegetation, the soil, the hygiene and the cleanliness of the Tenuta ,any damage will be charged to those who causes.

l. Inside the Tenuta a decent dress is required which respects the sensitivity and modesty of others. 

- It is not allowed to enter areas reserve for the staff of the Tenuta.

- It is not allowed throw garbage out of the baskets.

- It is not allowed to enter with knives, weapons, sticks or blunt instruments with weapons.

- From 10:00 pm keep a silent behavior in the common areas.



a. We accept pets upon request. Animal tax is 50 € for each animal you bring with you. For hygienic reasons and for any allergies, pets are allowed only in certain rooms and in some areas.

 To ensure a comfortable stay for all guests and all animals, please read the following rules:


- The animals must be on a leash both inside and in the external areas of relevance.

- The guest must be equipe for the welfare of his animal.

- Any use of the bed and bath linen for the animal is prohibited (grooming, begging or other).

- It is forbidden to raise the animal on beds, armchairs , chairs, or tables etc.

- The behavior of the animal must be controlled by the owner in order not to disturb the other guests. An animal that disturbs other customers will need to be calmed or removed.

- It is strictly forbidden to leave the animals alone in the rooms during the whole stay(day and night).

- Pay attention to the presence of other animals.

- Be in accordance with the vaccinations required by national and regional laws and with mandatory marking  (dog tag, tattoo, chip …)

- The owners accept full responsibility for the damage caused by the animals. The necessary operations for restoring environmental hygiene in the rooms occupied by the animal are the responsibility of the guest. In the presence of animal hair, excrement or other on the beds or on the laundry, the value of the contaminated garment will be debited to the customer .

b. The management reserves the right to terminate the residence contract at any time and without notice to those who do not comply with the above instructions.


10) WI FI:

a. All the areas and rooms of Tenuta Bosco are covered by a WI FI service, the code of which will be provided by the reception, upon issuing the personal information and declaring the release of privacy.



a. Who causes damage  to the building to the movable property of the equipment etc. is held liable under the law. Theft and voluntary damage will be reported. At the time of check-out the room will be checked in case of damage, theft or loss of keys will be charged. 

b. The management declines all responsibility for any injuries to minors.

c. Please use the rooms with respect to the furnishing and equipment that are made available to you.

d. The management declines all responsibility for damage caused to people, cars or means of transport in the parking area.

e. The management  declines all responsibility in case of injuries of animals, of any size, which must be accompanied on a leash by owners in all areas of the Tenuta.




b. It is compulsory to inform oneself about the fire prevention provisions, the equipment and the behavior to be taken in case of fire .

c. It is absolutely forbidden to turn on any instrument or means of smoking: cigarette, pipe, cigar, electronic cigarette, IQOS and all not expressly mentioned .



a. For your safety do not leave values unattended. 

b. Please hand over any findings to the reception and report losses

c. When leaving the room ,check that you have closed the windows and lock the door to prevent unauthorized entry.




a. The management of  Tenuta Bosco is not responsible for the loss of objects and/or values of the guests ( each guest is obliged to take care of the objects he owns), of damage resulting from events of force majeure and the nature of things, weather events, natural magnetism, epidemics, diseases, fall of trees, branches or products that fall within the nature of plants, gusts of wind , damage or theft to cars in the parking area and in the Tenuta area. 

For no reason at check-out will be recognized discount to cover any or alleged inefficiencies that will follow the events described above.